Spring Cake

white chocolate mousse with homemade pear sauce, caramel topping

510 RSD

Exotic Cream

quality Belgian chocolate cream with coconut, passion fruit puree

510 RSD

Chestnut Puree With Whipped Cream

520 RSD

Tres Leches

juicy Italian-style cake soaked in 3 types of milk and topped with a finest caramel mixture

440 RSD

Warm Blueberry Pie

traditional homemade butter pie crust filled with forest blueberries, vanilla ice cream, almonds

500 RSD

Warm Apple Pie

traditional homemade pie with apple, raisin and cinnamon filling, served with vanilla ice cream

450 RSD

Voulez Vous

Belgian chocolate mousse, caramel sauce, Plazma biscuit and cherry sauce carefully combined

470 RSD


traditional Italian dessert with mascarpone cream coffee and cocoa flavor

460 RSD

Castagnet Vegano – Lean

creamy dessert with chestnut puree, chocolate cream, cherry sauce, brownies, amaretto and caramelized hazelnuts

460 RSD