Grilled Pork Chop (450g)

served with spicy potatoes,fresh salad mix, homemade bread

1340 RSD

Smoked Filet Medallions

smoked pork filet rolled in bacon, homemade kajmak, young potatoes in kajmak sauce, iceberg lettuce, homemade bread

1350 RSD

Smoked Ham Hock With Mlinci (Seasonal)

smoked ham hock baked with mlinci (pasta tatters) in a creamy horseradish and mozzarella

1050 RSD

BBQ Ribs (Seasonal)

slow roasted spicy pork ribs with BBQ sauce, served with homemade potatoes, homemade bread

1490 RSD

Gourmet Pljeskavica

prepared in the traditional way with Zlatibor bacon and grilled cheese, homemade bun, homemade kajmak and urnebes, green salad

1150 RSD