Fresh Tuna Risotto

risotto with fresh tuna, three types of tomatoes, capers, olive oil and garlic

1200 RSD

Beefsteak Risotto

risotto with marinated steak, fresh mushrooms, demi-glace sauce, parmesan, butter

1210 RSD

Chicken Risotto

risotto with chicken filet, pancetta, 5 types of mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomato, parmesan

930 RSD

Vegetable Risotto

risotto with zucchini, carrots, corn, peppers and spinach

850 RSD

Squid Ink Risotto – Lean

Squid ink risotto

990 RSD

Seafood Risotto – Lean

seafood, fresh shellfish, peeled tomato, fresh parsley, olive oil

1190 RSD