Special Breakfast

Omelette With Bacon, Cheese and Leek

3 eggs, bacon, homemade cheese from Sjenica, leek, tomato, cucumber, french fries, bread

550 RSD

Goat Cheese Omelette With Oyster Mushrooms

3 eggs, homemade goat cheese, oyster mushrooms, tomato, cucumber, french fries, ketchup, bread

595 RSD

Omelette With Sausages, Young Cheese and Spinach

3 eggs, sausage mix, young cheese, spinach, tomato, cucumber, french fries, bread

640 RSD

Ajvar Omelette, Finely Shredded Pork Rinds With Kajmak

3 eggs, ajvar (vegetable spread), finely shredded pork rinds (duvan čvarci), kajmak, tomato, cucumber, french fries, bread

695 RSD

Fresh Fruit Oatmeal

oatmeal, milk, brown sugar, fresh fruit combinations

340 RSD

Neapolitan Breakfast

3 eggs on a Neapolitan sauce, fresh mozzarella, aromatic crusty bread rolls

595 RSD

Eggs Benedict on a Cream of Spinach & Ricotta Cheese

3 poached eggs on a cream of young spinach, ricotta cheese, baked bread

630 RSD

English Breakfast

2 eggs, grilled sausages, bacon, mushrooms, rocket, tomato, beans in a tomato sauce

695 RSD