Special Offer

Winery Stari Hrast Sauvignon Blanc

fresh, fragrant wine with luxurious white vineyard peach taste which deliciously elicits every next sip

2340 RSD

Winery Stari Hrast Merlot

New World red wine with emphasized fresh fruit, cherry, and raspberry aroma and vanilla tones of coconut and dark chocolate

2580 RSD

Salmon Steak

grilled salmon with fennel and apple salsa, creamy risotto with corn

1850 RSD

Zlatibor Fritters

spicy beef fritters with beef prosciutto and creamy gouda cheese, homemade potato chips, roasted peppers with garlic, kajmak sauce, homemade bread

1150 RSD

Gnocchi With Beef and Mushrooms

beef filet strips, oyster mushroom, Grana Padano, sour cream, pine nuts

1250 RSD

Full House Burger

beef burger made from specially chosen 100% beef meat, crispy pancetta, mushrooms, tomato, paprika, pickles, red onion, fries

990 RSD