The Petrus restaurant is easy to find in the heart of the city on the corner of Modena and Ilija Ognjanovića streets, in the shade of almost two centuries old natural monument – nettletree, the only remnant of nettletree tree line that stretched along Ilija Ognjenovića street.

If you are unable to book, your arrival is always welcome.



We offer specialties of national and international cuisine from specially selected fresh ingredients. With the selection of traditional recipes that we are constantly improving, our main dishes are the result of a love for fine local cuisine and carefully selected ingredients.



To the joy of many in our country, the bar culture has become an essential ‘character trait’ of any place that truly cares about the satisfaction of its guests. With their hard work and knowledge, our bartenders contribute to the fact that the offer does not lag behind world trends. They approach the work on cocktail culture, wine flows, and the offer of drinks seriously, studiously, listening to your wishes and tastes and adhering to the principles that guide them through this business. By effortlessly mixing the finest spirits, fruits, tonics and bitters, the bartenders create unobtrusive but unforgettable services and a pleasant bar atmosphere. We do our best to provide you with moments of enjoyment to remember.

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Located in the heart of Novi Sad on the corner of Modena and Ilija Ognjanovića streets, Petrus with its design brings a thoughtful, elegant and luxurious solution of the interior solution, thanks to which this place will remain in the memory of guests.