• Steak stew 580 RSD

    Steak, spinach, Swiss chard, paprika, oysters

  • Lasagna 1430 RSD

    Baked Italian lasagna with minced meat, béchamel sauce and three types of cheese

  • Royal gambori in tempura 2200 RSD

    Edamame risotto, sweet and spicy sauce

  • Burger Wellington 1690 RSD

    Burger in dough, marinated mushrooms, pickles, cheddar cheese, homemade potatoes, nacho sauce

  • Brownie cake 650 RSD

    Warm brownie cake, white chocolate topping, peach, tiramisu ice cream

  • Papavero cake 650 RSD

    Delicate poppy skins with fine white chocolate and vanilla cream with a raspberry insert, served on white chocolate and poppy seed sauce