Special Breakfast

Classic Breakfast

Omelette or eggs “Sunny side up” with:

Ham and feta cheese

520 RSD

Mushrooms and bacon

510 RSD

Prosciutto and feta cheese

530 RSD


Croque monsieur sandwich

toast, ham, prosciutto, cheese, béchamel sauce, parmesan, french fries, sour cream

650 RSD

  • Sandwich Chef 790 RSD

    beech smoked royal ham, cheddar cheese, pancetta, sour cream with herbs, rocket and cherry tomato salad

  • Grilled chicken & pesto genovese 630 RSD

    chicken fillet, pesto spread, tomato, mozzarella, iceberg, mayonnaise, french fries, lettuce mix

  • Prosciutto, rocket & young cheese 610 RSD

    prosciutto, rocket, tomato, cream cheese spread with herbs, french fries, lettuce mix